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Home exercises with a kettlebell 6 most effective

your hips

Home exercises with kettlebell: 6 most effective

Kettlebell Workout: 6 Kettlebell Exercises That Will Change You!

This is the first lying exercise on our list. Do not expect to master 10 repetitions in a row immediately - the task is difficult, but extremely effective. The sooner you start, the faster you get the long-awaited result and the pleasure of working out.

1. Lie back down on a mat or pre-prepared rug and place a weight behind your head at a distance from your bent arms. Take it on both sides.

2. Grasp the weight tightly - it will become your support. Now lift both legs as close to the body as possible while holding them together. And twist the body with your legs. This exercise is called a tornado and helps to pump the abs..

3. After lower your legs. After a moment's rest, raise their dreams, but this time the weight is not a support, but your burden, which needs to be moved to the level of the knees. At the same time, lift your legs not elongated, but bent at the knees, as you do for the press exercise.

4. Repeat the tornado, only this time twist the body in the opposite direction. Continue the lesson until you complete 10 sets. You can change the order of the elements of the exercise: tornado -weights transfer, kettlebell- tornadoes - no difference.

Jerk, bench and sit down The jerk with bench press is a wonderful skill for lovers of weights. During certification, I lifted a weight 100 times above me with one hand in 5 minutes. Once you master this exercise, you can move on to more complex.

Note: for jerking with a press, it is recommended to wear a wrist protection, at least an elastic bandage. Ideally, a kettlebell should not knock on your wrist, but if it still doesnt work out for you, protect yourself from an accident.

your hips

1. Lower your hips back with a smooth lowering of the body. Grab a weight with one hand.

2. Lift the weight so that it is above your head. The tool should be located behind your hand, resting on the outside of the wrist. Over time, you will learn to do it smoothly, without blows in hand. In the meantime, I repeat again: put on protection, and put up with the light strokes of a hard object on the bone.

3. Continuing to keep the weight above your head, begin to lower. First bend the leg opposite to the side where you hold the weight. Then bend your supporting leg.

4. In the end, you will sit on your hips with your hips. Now raise your hips and straighten, leaving your knees on the floor.

5. Start with the support leg, then straighten the opposite.

6. Lower the weight onto your shoulder, then lift again by repeating the entire cycle. Complete all 6 points 10 times.

This is a difficult exercise, so dont make a mistake by taking a heavy instrument right away. Better start small, take a light weight. Believe me, the lesson will not seem easy if you try it for the first time..

Nevertheless, the weight of the kettlebell should be optimal so that it does not happen that during the push-up, the kettlebell has gone out of hand, you fell face down on the floor and hurt your wrist. Be careful!

your legs

1. The first point is push-ups. But not simple. Usually your hands are fixed on the floor, and now weights will be supported by the horns of the kettle, which you will turn the massive part towards your face. Be sure to place the body in a straight line. Tighten your buttocks and abdominal muscles. Push out.

2. Instead of repeating push-ups, when lifting the body, go to the sitting position. At the same time, move the weight between the legs.

3. Straighten your legs and jerk the weights at the same time. Hold it with both hands and raise it slightly above head level with outstretched arms. You do not have to stand completely. Legs may be slightly bent at the knees..

4. Return the weight back to the push-up position. Repeat the exercise 10 times. This will improve your abs, tighten your buttocks and strengthen your back.!

Make a workout out of combo exercises!

The indicated list of the inventions I invented can be turned into a full-fledged training. To do this, repeat each exercise 10 times, as I wrote in all the lists. Then repeat the entire cycle of 6 lessons three times. It is allowed to change the sequence of training exercises, but it is better not to reduce the number - 10 approaches - the ideal number to start with. It is checked repeatedly: you will repeat the described at least 2 times a week and you will not recognize yourself in 3 months. But the result itself will not come. Once you have read to the end, you have a desire to develop. So get started. Now.

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your hips, your legs, same time, your head