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How to replace mayonnaise 9 recipes for healthy sauces

mayonnaise recipes healthy

How to replace mayonnaise: 9 recipes for healthy sauces

Spinach sauce does not undergo heat treatment, which means it is rich in vitamins and minerals, quickly and easily absorbed by the body. Be sure to try adding this sauce to pasta or vegetable salad. This is not only a great alternative to mayonnaise, but also a store pesto, which is rich except in additives for the letter E.


walnuts - a handful;

1 clove of garlic;

recipes healthy

20 spinach leaves;

1/2 lemon (juice);

salt - a pinch;

black pepper to taste.

healthy sauces

Cooking method:

Soak the peeled nuts in water for 30 minutes to make them softer.

Put the soaked nuts in a blender, add garlic, pour a little clean water and the juice of half a lemon. Beat nuts. The result is a white puree.

Next you need to add spinach leaves, salt and pepper to the pasta made of nuts.

Beat mixture at high speed until the spinach and garlic sauce turns green. If necessary, add water. The sauce should be uniform, without pieces of nuts or spinach. To adjust the density, add water as you whisk.

Try the sauce on the salt and, if everything is in order, then it is ready to eat. We recommend dressing with this spaghetti sauce, heating it a little.

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