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Sports nutrition products - their purpose, classification, rating

sports nutrition

Sports nutrition products - their purpose, classification, rating

Caffeine Caffeine is most needed for athletes who are engaged in lengthy, grueling workouts, as this supplement stimulates the central nervous system and boosts mental activity. You need to take it carefully, as in some cases it can increase blood pressure.

MORE: Glutamine is recommended to be taken when there is a threat of a bacterial infection, it also helps to recover from injuries.

Arginine is a useful and vital acid in the body found in many foods. Its intake leads to improved blood flow, helps in the production of growth hormone. Its ability to regenerate new cells has been proven. It is recommended for use in those sports that are associated with minimal rest, as arginine instantly accelerates blood and fills the body with additional energy.

Deanol - improves the mental ability of the brain, helps its concentration. Restores body strength after training and increases stamina.

L-carnitine allows you to fight fatigue during physical exertion, gives a boost of energy and vigor, promotes muscle mass growth, and also helps fight liver diseases, viral infections.

This is important! In order to correctly determine the necessary type of sports nutrition, it is better to contact a specialist who will help you choose the drugs in the most balanced way and in accordance with the training program. The human body is able to function smoothly with the right ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, an overabundance of any elements can lead to malfunctioning of certain organs. The glycemic index of each product and its absorption rate are also taken into account..

High-carb preparations are recommended to be taken before exercise, slowly digestible fats - before bedtime.

athletes need

It is very important to adhere to the dosage indicated on each package of sports nutrition preparations, since exceeding it can lead to allergic reactions, cause insomnia, and an increase in blood pressure.

For maximum results, sports preparations should be taken in a complex manner. They can be selected independently or with the help of a trainer, or you can purchase ready-made complex products that are ideal for various purposes..

When choosing sports nutrition, it should be remembered that each organism is individual and can respond differently to drugs. Therefore, you should start taking any type of sports nutrition very carefully, while monitoring the reaction of the body. If no side effects are detected, the drug can be continued..

Myths and legends Along with the growing popularity of sports nutrition, a huge number of myths arise. So, one of the most famous - sports nutrition drugs are harmful to human health. In reality, this is not so. Numerous studies do not confirm this fact even indirectly. And those who insist that they checked their negative actions on themselves, either used low-quality fake drugs, or significantly violated the acceptable intake rate.

Another persistent misconception - this group of drugs can be taken without any physical exertion, the muscles will continuously grow on their own. This statement is fundamentally wrong, the use of sports nutrition products alone, not confirmed by physical exercises, will not make you a bodybuilder. The only thing this technique will lead to is a set of fat mass that has nothing to do with impressive muscles.

Often you hear that taking this group of drugs is fraught with multiple side effects and complications in the work of various body systems. In practice, these statements are in no way confirmed. After all, every person, along with food, takes a variety of vitamins and minerals in various doses, they are an integral part of the body. The same supplements contain sports nutrition preparations, the only difference is that the latter are absorbed and digested much faster and more efficiently. The only possible side effect is individual intolerance to one or another component..

One should not believe the opinion that athletes do not need additional protein, since a lot of it is already accumulated in the body. The thing is that if an additional portion of the protein does not enter the body, it will actively consume the available reserves, only in this case the muscles will leave, and no muscle growth will be observed.

The same applies to the conclusion that athletes do not need drugs that burn fat. This idea is only partially true: people with an increased metabolism and reduced body weight do not need them. But if there are even a few extra pounds, the aforementioned drugs help burn excess fat and at the same time achieve maximum efficiency from loads.

nutrition products

The next myth is whey protein. There was an erroneous opinion that its use leads to obesity. In practice, this thesis is not confirmed. When used correctly, this supplement contributes to optimal muscle building..

It is also believed that with proper and balanced nutrition, the body does not need any additional additives. One can agree with this statement only partially, since even the system of the most proper and healthy diet, taking into account all the vitamins and elements necessary for the body, cannot provide it with the necessary amount of amino acids, especially during daily training. The body should also be supplemented with sports drugs to make up for costs..

We should not believe the statement that more expensive drugs are identical in composition to cheaper ones, and we overpay for the brand and advertising. Remember that any high-quality sports supplement cannot be cheap a priori, any lowering of the cost leads to the use of poor quality raw materials. But health and results are much more important, so you should carefully approach the acquisition of nutritional supplements.

The best drugs Recently, according to the results of sales of sports nutrition drugs, a rating of the best drugs has been deduced that will help you in their choice. It looks as follows. In the first place - a delicious and nutritious protein - 100% Whey Gold Standard chocolate - a standard of pleasant rich taste and excellent quality.

Behind it is the Animal Pak multivitamin complex, universally used by bodybuilders, as it gives the body strength and vitality, the result is noticeable from the first days of intake. Contains over 50 components.

An honorable third place in the rating was obtained by the protein SYNTHA-6, which, according to consumer reviews, has a wonderful aroma and delicious taste. Suitable for use throughout the day. In its composition has six types of protein. One serving is enough up to 8 hours.

Jack3d nitric oxide, which is able to charge the body with energy and endurance, give it maximum strength and durability, is located in the next position. The best pre-training complex, according to users.

Following it is the Matrix 5.0 protein, which has good taste and is easy to use. It is completely soluble in the drink and contains a combination of the three highest quality and most effective proteins..

The adjacent steps of the hierarchy were occupied by the SmartShake shaker, Xtend training complex, OxyELITE Pro fat burner, Opti-Men vitamins, Up Your Mass gainer.

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