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What to drink during training

afraid drinking

What to drink during training

Distilled water is generally completely purified from the content of any impurities. This means that the disadvantages of ordinary boiled water are enhanced.

Sparkling water irritates the mucosa with gas bubbles and quenches thirst better. Its minus is that air bubbles, getting into the stomach, create areas filled with oxygen. This makes it difficult to absorb the required amount of fluid (you already feel full) and causes an unpleasant sensation, discomfort.

There are types of water pre-saturated with vitamins, trace elements or infused with herbs. Its benefits are obvious, but there are also disadvantages: it is difficult to sense the border. As a result, you can "sort out" certain vitamins - and this will negatively affect the body. Or the body will generally forget how to absorb useful vitamins and minerals from food, constantly receiving them with water.

give salt

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science study on water requirements

Water and muscle drying People who are trying to dry their muscles are panicky afraid of drinking fluids. Fluid that lingers in the body usually looks like being overweight and visually impairs shape.

Oddly enough, in this case, you need to drink even more! During the entire tapering phase, it is necessary to consume 2.5-3 liters or more, then the water will not stay in the body. With a lack of fluid, the body will delay it, and you will swell. Do not be afraid of drinking plenty of fluids - it underlies the strategy to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the body!

Eat more diuretic vegetables. Cucumbers, asparagus and watercress act as a natural diuretic. You should consume 1-2 servings of these products every day during the drying period. Refuse medication diuretics: they wash out sodium and other electrolytes from the body, which can even be life threatening.

Salt intake should remain moderate. Do not give up salt! Sodium is the most important component of the electrolyte balance, you need to consume about 500 mg of sodium per day. Of course, the body will retain its necessary share of sodium, even if you reduce its intake. But in order to maintain a balance of fluid and electrolytes in the body and not disrupt the functioning of the nervous system and muscle tissue, do not give up salt at all. Firstly, the quality of classes will suffer from this, and secondly, this can cause dehydration of the body.

afraid drinking, fluid body, give salt