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Why healthy sleep is important and how to achieve it

biological clock

Why healthy sleep is important and how to achieve it?


1 scoop of vanilla protein

240 ml skim milk

40 g oatmeal

1 banana

1/4 tsp cardamom

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp sweetener

Cooking method:

Place everything in a blender and mix until smooth. Add water to make the cocktail more fluid. Sweet spices will make the dream deeper, banana, oatmeal and milk are sources of tryptophan, which increases the level of serotonin.

Nutritional composition:

390 kcal

Fats - 4.1 g

couple hours

Protein - 35.3 g

Carbohydrates - 56.7 g

Winter and summer time More recently, the whole country moved from winter to summer time and vice versa twice a year. Then it was decided to stop at a single time, with the power engineers arguing for the summer, and doctors for the winter. And for good reason. A huge amount of data has been accumulated on the growth of visits to clinics after each transfer of arrows.

It is so arranged by nature that the vast majority of living organisms on the planet exist according to daily rhythms - that is, it depends on the change of day and night. Moreover, the biological day does not completely coincide with the astronomical one and can range from 22 to 28 hours. During the day, in any organism, the activity of various life processes has pronounced ups and downs. In the wild in animals, fluctuations in body temperature and blood pressure, change in sleep-wake cycles are strictly consistent with the light period of the day.

People are no exception. Over a long period of evolution, the human biological clock has adapted to work in the daytime, that is, after sunrise, which is fixed genetically. A persons healthy sleep should ideally last from dusk until dawn. Unfortunately, these days it is unrealistic, because the time in the country is established by law.

Our internal clock From mid-autumn to mid-spring, most are forced to wake up long before the first sun rays. Climbing an alarm clock in the dark, force-feeding breakfast, half-asleep work fees are serious stress for the body, equivalent to moving to a different geographical zone. As you know, after an air flight with a change of time zones, a person needs acclimatization due to the imbalance of internal and external rhythms. But traveling in our life is still not so frequent, but in the time mode set artificially, we live every day. Is a sound healthy sleep possible under such conditions? The question is rhetorical...

Due to the mismatch of our internal clocks with the official time, the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for our health and good mood, is disrupted. If it is enough, we wake up healthy and awake, if not, we feel overwhelmed and sleepy, which is further aggravated by cloudy weather and short daylight hours. At the same time, many do not even realize how important a healthy sleep is for well-being.

What are the consequences of rhythm failure? This is a constant feeling of fatigue, decreased performance, depressed mood, irritability. All of the above - manifestations of desynchronosis - impaired adaptation of the body to the external environment. Constant desynchronosis leads to a "breakdown" of the biological clock, which is why chronic diseases worsen and new ones appear. Swedish and American doctors conducted research among flight attendants who worked on flights with the intersection of time zones. Most of them have coronary heart disease, hypertension, and digestive system disorders..

How to achieve quality sleep? How to be? Is sound healthy sleep possible today as such? Of course, modern man cannot achieve a complete merger with nature for objective reasons, and, above all, this is our work schedule. But you need to do everything in your own strength. Whenever possible, try to organize the work regime so that the working day begins not earlier than an hour and a half after dawn. Its great if the bosses meet you and allow you to set a more flexible schedule. In Russia, some of the advanced offices in the capital have already introduced a new form - some of the employees come to work by 8 in the morning, and some by 11.

Do not start in difficult times to adapt large projects, and do not take on additional household responsibilities. The body is already not easy now. Wise Japanese begin to carry out the most complex and responsible work no earlier than a couple of hours after dawn. The same rule applies to school and student exams..

Try to find time at all costs - an extra couple of hours a day for a healthy sleep. Among other things, this will help to combat weather sensitivity. It is very useful for the body to go to bed, get up and eat at approximately the same familiar hours. Physical education will help to improve the emotional background, but without overload. Even better if they are held outdoors. Any activity is suitable - exercises, walks, rollers or a bicycle.

Use the slightest opportunity to be in the light. Do not curtain the windows during the day, take small breaks at work with access to the street. If sunlight is still not enough, try to see a doctor who will prescribe light therapy sessions.

Pay attention to nutrition. It is very important to eat foods containing the amino acid L-tryptophan, from which the hormone of joy, serotonin, is produced. These are bananas, cheese, cottage cheese, peanuts, dark chocolate, dried dates.

A healthy persons sleep is affected by so-called light pollution. It includes even faint street light, breaking through the curtains. Try to sleep in total darkness, turn off the TV and nightlight at night. For going to the kitchen and to the toilet room, a dim light is enough.

If you work at a computer in the evening, do not forget about additional lighting. The bright light of the screen in a dark room is detrimental to vision.

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