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Workout for beginners is the best way to get stronger

best stronger

Workout for beginners: the best way to get stronger

All about workout: training programs, workout elements, a list of sports equipment, exercises and videos. How are the workout competitions?

Workout items

Checkbox (human flag) - holding the body on a vertical support in a horizontal position.

Horizon (tablet)

A spear

Officer exit

Angel exit

Prince's exit


Walk of god

Two-way power outlet. well as a variety of static body delays and dynamic exercises.

Workout competitions Judges in workout competitions are usually active athletes who are well versed in technology. They judge speakers by 5 main parameters: strength, entertainment, charisma, number of elements, clarity. Usually competitions are held in a free style - when each athlete takes turns showing his arbitrary program. They can also be held in the form of battles, when two athletes compete with each other.

horizontal position

The first international workout championship was held in Latvia in Riga in 2011. In it, the first place was taken by the Ukrainian workout Yevgeny Kozyr - he showed an exercise in which he pulled himself up on one arm with a 16-pound weight in his teeth. In 2012, the Ukrainian champion Yevgeny Kocherga became the champion, and Yevgeny Kozyr was the second. Third place was taken by Russian Nikolai Lobanov.

Workout Exercise

Push ups They can vary in width between the palms, in height of the support (Ganibal's push-ups are done at a height of 30-70 cm from the floor).

Push-ups on the bars (dips). It is very important to straighten your arms completely, and then bend them to 90 degrees or less. There is also a difficult variation - push-ups on the bars in a horizontal position.

Pull-ups on the bar. Repeat Exercise. It is important that at the upper point of the pull-ups the chin should be above the crossbar, at the lower point of the arms would be fully extended, jerking and jerking are not allowed. Different variations of the exercise are possible - pull-ups on one arm, with a change of arms, in a horizontal position, with different positions of the arms (narrow grip / wide grip), with imitation of gait (robostyle), with weighting materials.

Two-way exit on the horizontal bar (muscle up). Exercise for strength, requires full extension of the arms at the upper and lower points. It is very important to carry it out without jerking.

Front vis - exercise can be both static and repetition. It can be complicated and performed with one hand or with only fingers.

Workout athletes are important to develop the abdominal muscles (twisting, raising legs, raising and lowering the body). In most cases, athletes use only their own weight (calisthenics), but sometimes weights are also used - for example, an athletes partner.

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Sports Equipment for Workout Standard Playground Elements:

Guides (ring, curved, curved)


Horizontal bars

Swedish wall

horizontal position

Benches for the press

Crossbeams of different heights.

The proper nutrition of turnikman

Many who begin to engage in horizontal bars, their main goal is the beauty of the body. But without proper nutrition, it can not be achieved. Now we will tell you how to eat during class workout..

It doesnt matter what goal you set for yourself - just to learn several tricks or build serious muscle mass - all the same, the athletes nutrition should be different from the nutrition of an ordinary person, especially with regard to muscle recovery after microtrauma during each training session.

More and more. To build muscle, you need to eat more, calorie intake should be seriously increased. Moreover, if your goal is muscle mass, then eat more meat and other heavy foods, but if you intend to learn tricks on horizontal bars, then the food should be light and easily digestible.

Food is a load. It is necessary to exercise strictly after 2 hours after eating.

During training You should not eat anything and drink excessively during training. Limit yourself to one or two sips of water.

Recovery The turnstile nutrition should be varied. For muscle growth, you need to consume a lot of protein, which means meat. For bone strength - calcium, i.e. cottage cheese. For joint health - drink broths. Useful fats, such as olive oil, to restore the nervous system.

Do not forget about vitamins, moreover, it is better to use vitamins from fresh vegetables and fruits, and not from vitamin complexes. Sports nutrition - only if you are an ectomorph. And of course, no steroids.

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